Sleep In Comfort and Style

We spend a third of our day sleeping, or at least that’s the goal. Having comfortable bedding is a must if we want a restful sleep. 

Little Mo has put together a guide to help you with your kids’ bedding choices. 

Bedding Factsheet 

Fitted Sheet

A fitted sheet is lined with elastic around the edges to fit around the mattress. Its main purpose is to protect the mattress. 

Flat Sheet

Also called a top sheet, a flat sheet is used in between you and your doona to provide you with an extra layer of warmth. 

But during warmer nights, you can just use a flat sheet instead of a blanket or a doona if you want to stay covered without feeling too warm. 


Also called a quilt, doona is a type of bedding that consists of a soft flat bag that is filled with down, feathers, wool, cotton, or synthetic fibres.

Quilt Cover

A quilt cover is used to protect your quilt or doona and keep it clean. It also serves a decorative function, allowing you to change the design of your bed covers as you wish. 


Pillowcases are used to keep your pillows clean and also serve decorative purposes. 

Choosing your Bedding

Here are the things to consider when buying your bedding. 

Bedding fabric

The commonly used bedding fabrics and their qualities are as follows.


Cotton is a popular choice for bedding fabric because it is breathable and soft which make it very comfortable to use. It is also easy to care for and durable. 


Made from fibres of flax plant stems, linen is also a good choice for bedding fabric because it is also breathable and lightweight. The downside however is that it wrinkles easily.

Polyester Blend

Polyester fabric is made from synthetic fibre. It is less expensive than natural fibres but is quite stiff on its own. To make it comfortable for wear and other applications, it is blended with other natural fibres like cotton and linen. Polyester blend fabric is breathable and durable too. 

Bamboo Textiles

Three types of bamboo textiles exist. 

Bamboo linen is made by mechanically processing bamboo fibres and spinning them into a yarn. This type of bamboo textile is quite stiff and coarse so it is not as popular.  

Bamboo viscose-rayon is made by chemically treating bamboo to extract fibres that would be spun and turned into a fabric. The resulting material is soft and breathable like cotton so it is commonly used in making bedding and clothing. 

Bamboo lyocell is made by also chemically treating the bamboo to extract fibres, but the process uses an organic solvent that can be used over and over thereby releasing no pollutants to the environment. The resulting product is also soft, lightweight and breathable like cotton. However, bedding and other products made from this material can be quite expensive. 

Bedding sizing

Fitted sheets and flat sheets come in single, double, queen, king, and super king sizes. Make sure that the ones you buy are suitable for your mattress. 

Check also the necessary wall or pocket size of your fitted sheets. Fitted sheets come in standard and deep pocket/deep-walled. Take note of the height of your mattress when buying fitted sheets. 


Solid neutral colours like white, grey, beige, or brown are popular for bedding because they are easier to match with other elements in the room. 

Using a monochromatic scheme--or different shades or tints of the same colour for your bedding is a safe bet when decorating the bedroom. 

However, vibrantly coloured or patterned bedding will also work, especially for a kid’s bedroom. Consider choosing colours that are in harmony with the existing colours in your space so that it will not look overwhelming. 

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