Timeless, versatile, and bold

Ever since it roared its way into the fashion scene in the late ‘40s, the leopard print has remained popular through the years. Many fashion brands feature leopard prints in their products. You can find all sorts of items with this design--tees, bottoms, coat, footwear, bags, and belts to name a few.

The leopard print may mean different things for different people--some see it as sophisticated while others may find it tacky.

However, most people would probably agree that the popular print is associated with being strong, fierce, and independent just like the animal from which the design took its inspiration from. That could be the reason leopard print fans get a boost of confidence in them.

In nature, the leopard’s orange-brown coat with black rosettes is designed to blend with the surroundings and serve as a camouflage. The opposite is true for the leopard print clothes in the fashion environment. If you want to stand out in the crowd, leopard print is the way to go.

While the leopard print is associated with being bold, it can be considered as a “neutral”. The black and orange-brown colours are warm neutral tones after all which makes the leopard print go with almost anything.

Aiming for a fiercer look? Pair it with a bold colour. Want to tone it down a little? Combine leopard print with a muted colour. You can even mix it with other patterns for added flair. It is really versatile.

Because it is bold, versatile, and timeless, the leopard print is popular among adults, especially women. But who says kids cannot rock the look? This big cat print can complement little kids’ free-spirited and adventurous nature.

For kids who love animals or anything about nature, wearing tops and bottoms with leopard print design might just be their thing. Some kids may find the traditional brown and black leopard print unappealing. But perhaps adding a pop of colour will convert them. Nowadays you can find kids’ clothes and accessories in brightly-coloured leopard prints.