Out with the Dreary, in with the Brights

Pop culture in the ‘80s has got a lot to do with the rise of the fluoro fashion trend. Stars of hit movies turned cult classics, music icons, and supermodels donned dazzling, vibrant, and at times dizzying fluoro outfits. 

The bright versions of the primary and secondary colours, fluorescent colours or fluoro for short, convey fun, optimism, and a carefree attitude that resonated with the youth of that generation. 

After its peak, the fluoro trend fell out of favour for a time. But almost every year, it always makes a comeback to brighten up the fashion scene. 

Why Kids Love the Trend

Young kids’ eyes are still developing so they are more likely to notice bright colours. It follows that many kids love to wear fluoro colours. 

Whether they are a fan of the fluoro trend or not, parents can appreciate that the high visibility of fluoro clothing is very useful when they are out in a crowded place or exploring nature. 

How to Rock the Fluoro Trend

The fluoro trend is not for the faint of heart. Fluoro-coloured wear will surely get you in the spotlight. Here are some tips to nail the trend.

Stick with Accessories

For the uninitiated but brave enough to dabble in the trend, just use one piece of accessory in fluorescent colour--a belt, a bag, or a pair of shoes, to brighten up your outfit. 

Pair with a Neutral

Comfortable with fluoro but not ready to go all the way? Pair your piece with a neutral. Black or grey pants or skirt will go well with a fluoro top. 

Embrace the colours

If you have no qualms in taking fashion risks and want to go on full fluoro, remember that the same colour coordination concepts apply. 

Be sure to use colours that go well together.  Let the colour wheel be your guide and familiarise yourself with complementary, analogous, and triadic colours. 

Mix up Fluoro With other Trends if you Dare! 

Feeling fierce? Pair your fluoro piece with an animal print or wear an animal print in fluoro. 

Dazzle in a fluoro patterned print if you like to make your day even brighter. Level up your graffiti-inspired wear by pairing it up with fluoro accessories or just go for a fluoro-coloured graffiti shirt if you wish.