Let’s swing into the ‘60s fashion

What is Retro Fashion?

Retro fashion refers to the revival of popular styles from an earlier period.

What 60s Fashion Trends are Still Popular Today?

There is not one trend that can define 1960s fashion as it featured diverse trends. But what is common among these trends is that they would be considered bold during that time. 

A lot of the current fashion trends are inspired by 1960s fashion. In a way, we can say that some of these trends are 1960s retro because they borrowed heavily from the styles of that era. 

Here are some popular styles from the decade that are still in vogue today.

Floral prints

Floral prints have always been popular. But in the 60s, the floral prints in bolder colours were in favour. Both large-scale floral and ditzy floral prints were quite popular during this time. 

Bold colours

Bold colours reigned supreme during this era. Orange, yellow, and green were popular. Psychedelic colours --the combination of bright and multiple contrasting colours were also in vogue during the period.

At present, while neutrals and muted colours were quite dominant in recent years, bold and vibrant colours still pop out once in a while to brighten up the fashion scene. 


Stripes were quite popular during the ‘60s not only in womenswear but also in menswear. Nowadays, stripes have become a timeless trend and can be worn with almost any kind of piece. 


Everyone seemed to be mad for plaid back in the day. Like the stripes, it was popular for both men and women. Plaids are still a fashion staple. 

Leopard prints

Leopard prints came out in the late ‘40s but became even more popularised in the ‘60s when famous fashion icons wore them. Leopard prints’ popularity remains until now. 

What Makes 1960s Retro Well-Loved?

The 1960s fashion style not only used bold colours and patterns, but it also pushed the boundaries with clothing that was not widely accepted before like miniskirts and pants for women. 

The atmosphere during the decade was just right and the people were ready to accept the new fashion trends that would have been deemed inappropriate in the earlier periods. 

After all these years, the 1960s fashion trends never really faded. The popular styles back then always make a comeback every fashion season with a little modern twist. 

The 1960s retro fashion trend is all about being bold and open to new ideas. It is also about having choices and not being confined to a certain look or style.  

Young and old alike love the Retro 1960s look because it is both timeless and bold. Certain styles in the Retro ‘60s trend such as the vibrant colours and fun patterns and designs are appealing to kids.