It’s crazy how much energy kids have! Sometimes they drive us mad when they won’t settle down. We’ve got some creative and fun activities that will keep the kids busy and (will give the parents a giggle too).

[1] Learn to bellow like a koala

Watch this video with the kids and then get them to work on making the same sound. 


[2] Create a wildlife dice game

Come up with 6 animals and allocate them each a number from 1 to 6. Then roll the dice and whatever number it lands on is the animal you have to pretend to be.

For example: 

  1. Koala 
  2. Kangaroo
  3. Possum
  4. Crocodile
  5. Snake
  6. Shark

[3] Make an animal poster

Get the kids on a project to educate others about an Australian animal. Setup some Youtube videos about your chosen animal and then get the kids to make a poster they can share with another family member or a friend or even take to school or kindy for show and share.